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Customer Comments

Hi Vince,

I'm still lovin your bow. I can't get enough of it. I shoot everyday until my fingers get sore. So I will be ordering another soon, probably the first of May, sooner if I can sell my Savannah. I had the two bows on my rack and yours is just nicer to look at. The Savannah is really more of a hybrid. The limbs are about as R/D as you could get and not make a recurve. Also the limbs are wider and thinner like a recurve and I just like yours way better. The handle riser fits my hand perfect whereas the Savannah is smaller and more round maybe that is why your bow seems so much more forgiving.

I have a friend he is a pro surfer-longboarder, and is really a master. He always surfs the same board. He may have five of them but they are all the same except for colors or things like wood tail blocks. My friends and I used to buy different boards all the time. Some with three fins some with one fin.One might be ten feet and another be nine feet. We were always trying something different especially during the beginning of the resurgence of the longboard as a popular style of surfing.

My friends name is Robert Weaver, but he goes by the nickname "Wingnut" - you may have heard of him he starred in the movie "Endless Summer II". Anyway, I asked him once why he always rode the same board and he said that he had found what worked for him and after that it is really all about the wave and how you meet that challenge The board he said really doesn't matter once you find the one that fits your style. He does, by the way, ride that same board in all types of surf. Big waves that throw huge amounts of water over the top and small waves that barely break at all and he is a master. I was watching one April morning about fifteen years ago. I had just gotten out of the water and was pulling off my wetsuit when I saw Wingnut take off on a really fast breaking double overhead wave. The morning was the beginning of one of the first really warm spring days after a cold wet winter and there were a lot of people out walking along the cliff at Pleasure Point here in Santa Cruz.

Wingnut caught the wave way outside and rode for at least 440 yards, a quarter mile, and he did everything on that wave you can do with a longboard. This without a leash as is his habit. Messing up in that kind of surf without a leash is a bit of a bitch as you are in for a sketchy trip back to the beach - forget about trying to find your board. He rode it all the way to the beach and by that time the wave was only three feet high. I remember he was standing on the nose of the board with both hands on his hips and as he got to the beach he just stepped off onto the sand. All these people had stopped to watch this incredible ride and burst into applause as he finished. So after talking with Wingnut I stopped messing around with different boards and found the one that works best for me. I ride it in all types of surf and I do pretty well. At least i'm a lot better than I was when I was always trying to get used to a new board.

Same with archery and the longbow. I've found my bow, my Mohawk - and now I just want one more like it and I'll get rid of the others.

Jeff in CA

I bought a two piece Mohawk a few months back and it is a great shooter. Great value and great service from Vince. If you like D braced long bows give it a try - you will be happy.

Tim in CA

The Mohawk TD - a classic longbow for all seasons and reasons! This is IT. This is the classic D longbow I'd been searching for years to no avail, 'till now. I typically prefer shorter longbows for hunting and longer limbs for roving and 3D. However, after lots of testing I perceive no drawing/holding differences between the 64" and 62" 'Hawks at my full 29" draw. Based on that criteria, I ordered out a 62" 'Hawk TD. I was not disappointed.

My 62" 1pc weighs 1lb 5ozs, and the new 62" TD weighs 1lb 8ozs. The handle on both have that same slim, great feel. Both have double Tonkin cane limb cores and the draw is incredibly smooth - the smoothest of any longbow yet that I've pulled string. I've had a variety of different style 2pc TD systems and the Connexion Hinge was a new one for me - it's too easy to use, very positive locking, very functional - I like it best!

The TD version performs every bit as well as my other 1pc 'Hawks. Exceptional "pointability", super stable, plenty of arrow speed and she LOVES heavy arrows. AND, portable - for those fly-away hunts.

Many thanx to Vince for this terrific longbow - my Number One!

Rob DiStefano, NJ.

I got mine today and it is all that has been said. Flawless worksmanship. Very quiet, shock free, and much faster than I expected. The arrows I have are a bit stiff, so need to do some fine tuning. I think they will be fine with 250 grain heads, but this puts the arrow weight in the 660 range with 350 up front. That is 12.2 grains per pound. Hmm, may just work.

Oh and Vince is without a doubt at the top of the heap of bowyers I have dealt with. You can't go wrong with a Mohawk!

Waldo in Georgia

A huge thanks to Vince Migliorato of MOHAWK L/B's, I've been a Traditional bowhunter & shooter for about 20 years now, it's a way of life for me, in the last few years I've had many bows, several from big name bowyers, but seems there was always something missing, until I received a MOHAWK L/B from Vince, I now have 3, and love everyone of them, 2 in bamboo, 1 in red elm, these bows perform & look great !! So again, I say Thanks Vince, my search is finally over.

Adam Howard, York, Pa.

I have owned 4 Mohawks over the last 2 years or so - all great bows. Vince is a pleasure to deal with.

Phill in Australia

I just got off the phone with Vince (again). I had to tell him I received one of his Mohawk's in the mail today. The workmanship is outstanding! The grip has the perfect amount of contour, very comfortable. She has a beautiful piece of cocobolo for the riser with two white accent stripes and a cocobolo overlay front and back.Four lams of Tonkin Cane bamboo for the limbs with a white and black micarta limb tip (I think). A black elk wrap and a perfect black and white fast flight string finish her off.She's 64"s and 49#s at 28"s. This bow is so smooth I think I can go back to shooting a 55/60# bow again! (even with my bum shoulder) I shot about 12 arrows at 18 yards and they were all in the 10 ring on my 3-D Deer target. These bows have to be one of the best bargains out there for a D-Style longbow.They have to be a labor of love. I am really impressed with Vince's handy work. I should have never listened to ROB! Might have to sell some bows again. OH Brother.

Tom in NJ

I got my 2pc from Vince last fall and love it. Tonkin cane limbs and cocobolo riser, Yeah! Well made, fast delivery. I'm saving for another one now. Oh yeah, I love the grip too.

Ron in CA


Got home from work this morning and 5 minutes later the post office called. The bow is outstanding. Shot it for about three hours until my shoulder couldn't take it anymore. Would've called but I fell asleep. Such is life for those who work midnights!

I gotta say that is one smooth drawing bow. It feels much lighter than it is. I shot some AD's from it that are around 560 gr without complaint. Then I grabbed the Grizzly Alaskans of about 680 gr. WOW! I couldn't stop shooting it. I honestly don't think I've ever shot a bow that felt so good on the shot. The bow just seemed to come alive at around 12 gpp. To my eye, it shot the heavyweights at least as fast, if not faster than my 66# Ram Hunter.

I'm definitely sold. Very impressive! Come July, I'll have to hammer down on the overtime and get one of your takedowns. You've got a great hunting bow here.

Take Care,
Tim, OH

I got mine last fall - cocobolo riser and yew limbs - workmanship is great and I too really like the grip it fits me well. Beautiful bow and a shooter too.

As another plus, Vince is a great guy to work with.

Rick in Illinois

Hi Vince,

The pair of Mohawks just arrived, thanx for the fast shipping. The doubled Tonkin cane limbs are incredibly smooth drawing - in fact, I've never drawn smoother longbows. Each felt a good 5lbs lighter in draw weight but my digital scale didn't lie and each bow hit the listed weights on the money. With my 29" draw, there was literally no difference in the draw feel between the 64" and 62" bow lengths.

I wish I still had my bow chronograph to check the speed on these bows, but suffice to say they're plenty fast. And they seem to love heavier arrows in the 550-650 grain weights, better than lighter weight arrows. No "hand shock" at all, they're fast pointing and extremely stable longbows that shoot where ya look. The perfect classic "D" braced longbow - at last!

I tell it like it is with bows, and usually I'll find something to pick at, but not this time. It was a pleasure talking with ya and I'm now a fan of your longbows and bowyering skills. Oh yeah, I just sent in an order for my third 'Hawk, a 62" TD for those fly out hunts.

Thanx again for everything!

Rob DiStefano, NJ