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Mr. Mohawk
A Colorado bull, and a once in a lifetime hunt that took Vince 31 years to draw the tag. He spent 8 days scouting and took him on the second day, 9/11/16. As Vince says, "Moose hunting is a young mans sport!" Amen to that!

"Hi Vince, I got this nice buck with my sparrowhawk you built for me! Love this bow, what a sweet shooter. At 15 yards, got a complete pass through, he went about 50 yards. Shooting a 200 grain Woodsman broadhead. Thanks for making such a great bow. I couldn't be happier with it. Regards, Greg Nelson"

Rob DiStefano, Solana Ranch, Austin, Texas,
64" 52# Mohawk Sparrowhawk t/d longbow, 2012.

Jim Anderson, Nebraska, 62" 58# Mohawk longbow, 2011.

Joe Ashton, Nebraska, 62" 55# Mohawk longbow, 2011.

Robert "RC" Carter 'hawks yet another deer! 2011

Pat Byrne does it yet again, AND AGAIN!!!
Pat and his Sparrowhawk are killing machines!

Pat Byrne does it again! His Mohawk Sparrowhawk
dispatches a coyote who was a bit too interested in Pat!

Pat Byrne got his Mohawk longbow on a Monday
and went out hunting the next day and got his hog!

Joe Ashton, Colorado, 56# takedown Mohawk longbow.
Cow elk and doe mule deer, 2011

Robert "RC" Carter 'hawked another beauty of a deer
with his Mohawk longbow.

"Vince, Just wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for such a nice longbow. I bought this one from a guy on TradGang.com last spring and have loved it ever since. I've always shot one of my own built, but I love this one more. It shoots where I'm looking and throws the heavy arrow with authority. I got a complete pass-through on this moose at 30 yards and she was quartering away. Thanks again, Ryan."

Robert Carter's 2010 deer, old "Crooked Horn",
downed with a Mohawk longbow.

Scott Appley's 2010 Shirus moose hunt in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. It took Scott 31 years to draw the tag and the only thing he wanted to do was harvest a moose with his Mohawk longbow. Success!

Jim Anderson's bear, 2010

Vince "Mr. Mohawk" and elk, 2010

Glen Brushett's hog and Mohawk, 2010

"Another South Carolina porker bites the dust thanx to my Mohawk T/D (62" length, 55#@29"). Love my Mohawk!"
Rob DiStefano, NJ.

Tommy Clum, does it again!

"After receiving my Mohawk during deer season and unfamiliar with tuning methods, I was either hunting or shooting countless arrows, thinking I had it down, then to miss a big'en last week. I sought the help from Rob and things came together. For the sake of my homestead (chores were piling up and Momma was get'en lonely) I had to tag a deer! So I said a prayer and this guy showed up this morning, picked a spot and the 400 Beman ICS, 125 Montec, flew true, 50 yard blood trail. Words of advice, if you get a new bow don't let it be during hunting season, and make sure it's a Mohawk."
Ernest Vasquez and Ohio buck.

Kevin Katzman - Ontario, Canada

"Hey Vince, from the minute I saw this bow I knew it was going to be a special one to me. This bow has already grown on me more than any other bow I've had in my life - and I haven't even completed a season with it. I have named it 'The One', because after lots of misses and blown opportunities, this is the first elk I have killed. Thanks a million, I absolutely love everything about this bow, from the looks to the way it feels and shoots. Tommy Clum"

Scott Appley's Wyoming antelope, September 2009

Rob DiStefano from New Jersey, with his
South Carolina hog, 62", 55# Mohawk t/d longbow.

Bill Easterly from Loveland Colorado downed
this fine elk with a 62", 56# Mohawk longbow.

Colorado elk.

Colorado whitetail.