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Mohawk Bows offers longbows with a mild reflex/deflex limb design. The braced Mohawk longbow exhibits a classic "D" shape (which is IFAA legal) and due to the limb design and trapped limb edges these bows are quiet, shock-free and fast. Bows that are crafted with a generous use of Tonkin bamboo cane are exceptionally smooth drawing and shooting. The finish is catalyzed Fullerplast for extreme sealing and the ultimate in durbility. The last two spray coats are uniquely applied to achieve a slightly roughed matte finish that totally absorbs any light reflection for the ultimate hunting bow finish. Lightweight, durable and great looking. Available in lengths from 60" to 68". ALL Mohawk Bows are "Fast Flight" compatible and ship with bowstrings made from modern string fibers.

The Mohawk and Mohawk Sparrowhawk longbows are available in 60", 62", 64", 66" and 68" lengths. The Mohawk longbow has 4 limb laminations that are approximately 1.300" wide at the fadeouts, the Mohawk Sparrowhawk has 5 limb laminations that are approximately 1.125" wide at the fadeouts. The two piece take down system utilizes the very positive Connexion hinge system.

The Mohawk Classic longbow is available in 64", 66" and 68" lengths only. It utilizes actionboo cores and veneers under solid colored glass, with solid wood risers and overlays and no multi woods, stripes or accents. It's approximately 1.300" wide at the fadeouts. It can also be had as a two piece take down, utilizing the Connexion hinge system.

Mohawk Classic Longbow 1pc, 4 limb lams - $575
Mohawk Longbow 1pc, 4 limb lams - $575
Mohawk Sparrowhawk Longbow, 1pc 5 limb lams - $600

T/D version of any bow - add $175

Please note that an upcharge may apply for special or exotic woods, or unique options. $30 shipping in the continental USA.

Yew veneers over 'boo cores ...

More yew & 'boo ...

Yet more yew & 'boo ...

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The Mohawk Classic Longbow

The Mohawk Sparrowhawk Longbow