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Mohawk Bows began in 1995 with a quest for a more user friendly hunting longbow. After many years of hunting with a large variety of bows, I knew what I liked and wanted to develop for my own use. Mohawk Bows started as a search for my own "perfect" bow. Until 2006, Mohawk Bows had a very limited production - the client list consisted of friends and word of mouth. Since my retirement I have devoted more time to my passion of handcrafting bows, one at a time.

The Mohawk is an old school mildly reflexed/deflexed longbow that is smooth, stable, quiet and forgiving, making for a bow that is pleasurable and inherently easier to shoot - without giving up performance.

Mohawk longbows are crafted using the finest materials available, with favored limb cores being bamboo, red elm, red cedar and osage. Handle woods include exotics like bacote, zebrawood and cocobolo. Mohawks are available in 60" to 68" lengths in a one piece as well as a two piece takedown using the Connexion Hinge.

Good bowhunting,
Vince Migliorato